5 Reasons To Upgrade Your HR and Payroll System Now

by | Sep 8, 2021


There are lots of companies that are hesitant in upgrading their HR and payroll system. Many HR teams prefer to cope with their underperforming systems. One of the reasons, they strive to find a solution instead of upgrading to automated payroll software.

Why upgrade your HR and payroll system

There will come a point where your need for a new HR and payroll system will be inescapable. Therefore, here are five sure-fire signs that your software is due for an upgrade.

1. Your data is wrong, and errors are multiplying in volume and severity

One of the key functions of HR software is to help your organization manage people’s data. So it would be that addresses, salaries, timesheets, or anything else – more effectively and accurately.

If you’re constantly finding mistakes in your data and your pay runs are frequently inaccurate, then it’s time to upgrade your HR and payroll software. This will facilitate and enable integration between your critical HR systems. So your first priority should be to integrate your HR (digital employee 201 file). Then timekeeping modules with your payroll module – if you have it. Also, your HR module can act as the “single source of truth” for your people’s data. It includes timesheets feeding in hours worked, and then payment details being sent to your payroll module automatically and securely.

The end result should be a quicker and more accurate pay run for this is great news for your employees, also even better news for your HR team.

2. Use workaround rather than upgrade to HR and payroll software itself

How far are you using your current HR and payroll system to its fullest potential, honestly? Have you developed workarounds for data storage like enrolling new employees, or even for compiling reports and analytics or, you don’t have to use the system itself? It’s time to upgrade your HR and payroll software in favor of a system that you’ll use more completely. Because this makes your working life easier if you’ve established your own sequence of processes to get your job done. If you make a list of all the HR tasks you could use an HR system for you might find that you’re spending a lot of time and effort on unnecessary administrative work.

3. Your HR system doesn’t include self-service functionality

Almost all good HR and payroll systems will include self-service for employees and managers. It will allow them to do duties without the need for HR intervention. Such tasks are updating personal information, booking vacations, and entering and approving absences. It’s time to step into the future, and then choose new HR software if your old HR and payroll software doesn’t include this functionality. It will encourage your staff to take responsibility for their own information and enable them to spend more time working strategically. Choose an HR and payroll system that works from any location and on any device. This way, flexible workers, and those without access to desktop computers will be able to enjoy the benefits of self-service.

4. You’re struggling to collate, analyze and interpret data effectively

You’ll be struggling to gain a holistic view of your organization if you haven’t integrated these tools together via your central HR and payroll system. Take a best-of-breed approach to choose HR software for your employee in order to achieve the best results. This includes your people and their performance. Upgrade your HR and payroll software to one that can integrate effectively with these systems via API integration tools. You’ll gain a more comprehensive picture of the impact of your HR initiatives. Whether that’s being able to monitor how wellbeing benefits affect absence rates. Or how training courses correlate with an increase in performance. Linking different datasets will help you make more intelligent recommendations and decisions to improve your ability to communicate the impact of your HR team to the wider organization, and to senior leaders.

5. Your vendor’s customer support is no longer prompt

The final nail in the coffin for an outdated, unsuitable HRMS is likely to be poor support from your provider. It’s time to seek elsewhere if they’ve stopped offering system upgrades and never reply to resolve queries in a timely manner. Look for a provider who takes the time to understand your organization and work in partnership with you to deliver better, and more strategic HR. 

Remember, an HRMS should always be an enabler, not a hindrance. If your HR software is stopping you from delivering the best possible outcomes for your organization and your people, it’s time to put together a requirements list. Review the market and find an HRMS that best meets your current and future needs.

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