How PhilHealth Contribution For Employees And Employers Are Computed

by | Sep 23, 2021


PhilHealth contribution is the lifeblood that keeps the government’s health insurance provider running. In this guide, you’ll learn how much you need to pay to reap the full benefits of PhilHealth. And also, indirectly help others who need medical care.

How much is the monthly contribution to PhilHealth in 2021?

As shown in the table, the premium rate will increase starting 2019 to sustain the National Health Insurance Fund. Ensuring all Filipinos–including those lacking contributions–will have equal access to benefits during confinement.

PhilHealth Contribution Table
PhilHealth Contribution Table

The rate will increase by increments of 0.5% every year until it caps off at 5% (the maximum limit allowed by the law) in 2025.

Hence, from 3% in 2020, expect the rate to increase to 3.5% of the member’s monthly income in 2021; 4% in 2022; 4.5% in 2023; and 5% in 2024 and 2025.

PhilHealth contribution table in 2021 for employees and employers

UPDATE: The scheduled premium hike has been suspended following PhilHealth’s official announcement on January 5, 2021 that there’s an “interim arrangement” put in place allowing the deferment of the said scheduled adjustment. PhilHealth will still stick to the 2020 premium rate of 3% instead of 3.5% until Congress is able to pass a law to make the suspension permanent. Otherwise, it will proceed with the scheduled premium rate as shown in the table below.

PhilHealth Contribution Table 2021
PhilHealth Contribution Table 2021

As part of the full implementation of the Universal Health Care (UHC) Law, the monthly PhilHealth contribution rate for employed members will increase from 3% of the monthly basic salary in 2020 to 3.50% in 20211 starting January 2021.

The monthly premium will continue to be shared equally between the employee and the employer.

Fixed Php 350 for the monthly contribution to those employees who are earning Php 10,000 and below.

Meanwhile, those earning Php 70,000 and above have a fixed monthly contribution of Php 2,450.

Take note that the salary ceiling of Php 70,000 in 2021. This will continue to increase by an increment of Php 10,000 a year until it reaches Php 100,000 in 2024.

For those in between, use this formula to compute your PhilHealth contribution:

Employee or employer share = (Monthly basic salary x 0.035) / 2

Here’s a sample computation for an employee with a salary of Php 25,000:

Php 25,000 x 0.035 = Php 875 (Total monthly contribution) / 2 = Php 437.5 (Employee or employer share)

The PhilHealth contribution of employees who are on extended leave without pay is equivalent to that of voluntary or individually paying members.

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