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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through the answers to commonly raised questions on the topic of software pricing, functionality, processes, and other inquiries.

How Much Does EversunHR Cost?

Pricing varies depending on the number of users, deployment type, module bundle, and other investment factors

What Is The More Suitable Software Deployment Type For Our Company?

Kindly check the pros and cons between Cloud-SaaS and On-Premise deployment options under Product page of our website

What Is the Difference Between "Basic" and "Suite" Bundles?

Our "Basic Bundle" includes the core modules such as Timekeeping and Payroll, while our "Suite Bundle" comes with the secondary modules such as Recruitment and Engagement integrated with the core modules

How To Become a Reseller?

Become an EversunHR Reseller, if you are: (1) a Corporation or Sole Proprietor; (2) a Freelance Accountant. You may send an email to

What Do We Get By Becoming a Reseller?

We encourage and provide incentives to our partners to help them build their business. Resellers are provided with tools as aid to becoming successful with EversunHR. These tools include our partnership kit that comes with instructions and manuals on getting started with using our software.

Do You Handle Payroll Outsourcing?

Not at the moment, but we can refer you to our accredited channel partners

What Are The Reports That EversunHR Can Generate?

Government reports and company reports per module (recruitment, timekeeping, payroll, engagement, and retirement) are available

What Are The Available Employee Request Forms In EversunHR?

Online request forms for employees and managers per module (recruitment, timekeeping, payroll, engagement, and retirement) are available

What Is The Coverage Of Annual Software Maintenance and Support Fee?

Clients will have access to our Technical Support Team is accessible via multi-channel communication such as email, online chat, telephone, remote desktop applications. We cover queries about the web application functions, firmware releases, debugging and security patch installation, data investigation, government table updates. Clients can also avail the system version upgrade

Can We Set User Restrictions Per Software Module?

Yes, you can configure user access for different user groups under System Settings module

Does EversunHR Includes Employee and Manager Self-Service Portals?

Yes, we have request forms per module for employees that Managers or other superiors can approve online

Do You Allow Customizations Of New Features?

For Cloud-SaaS, the feature customization is limited, while for On-Premise System, we have more flexibility with customizations

We Are Not Sure If Our Payroll Computation is Compliant, Can You Help?

Yes, we help clients determine their level of risk, find potential savings, and transition them to compliant payroll process automation

Can EversunHR Generate Bank Payroll Files?

We produce the file for the payroll bank advise of top banks in the Philippines. If your bank is not yet covered in our list, just provide us the sample bank transmittal file format and we will add it for you

How Do You Cater Post-System Go-Live Support?

We have Service Level Agreement (SLA), to learn more get in touch with our Customer Success Team

What Is Your Support Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Please get in touch with our Customer Success Team, we'll be glad to discuss the details

What Are The Investment Items When Availing the Software?

The investment factors are as follows: number of users and legal entities, modules bundle, deployment type, implementation location, customization of new features, integration with other applications or device, and hardware requirements

How Much Do You Charge For Customizations and Integrations?

The additional investment will depend on the complexity level, which will be translated to development man-days (time and effort) to be multiplied with our existing support rates

Do You Have System Requirements For On-Premise Installation?

Yes, for the system to perform at an optimal level, the client is required to prepare or procure prescribed hardware and applications based on the minimum specifications that our Solution Sales Team will provide

What If We Only Need a Payroll Software?

If you already have an existing timekeeping system and device, we can explore the integration option

What Are The Payment Terms When Availing The Software?

For Cloud-SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), it's monthly per user subscription payment, while for On-Premise System, the payment modes are per project milestone and annually

Do You Allow Integration With Other Applications?

Yes, we allow integration with other third-party or in-house application via our open APIs (Application Program Interface)

What Are The Applications and Device That Can Be Integrated With The Software?

We can arrange the integration with the following modular applications and device: recruitment and exams, biometrics and timekeeping, accounting, engagement, learning management, and performance evaluation

Which Clock-In Methods Are Available?

Employees can clock into work using compatible biometric devices, or via our web-bundy clock function 

What Is Your Duration For System Implementation And Client Onboarding?

The timeline would range between 2 to 6 months depending on the complexity level of the client requirements

How Often Do You Release Software Updates And Patches?

For Cloud-SaaS, we notify our clients ahead of time and we schedule system updates on non-critical work days. For On-Premise System, it would depend on the urgency of enhancements, government table updates, our application tools updates, etc 

Do You Allow Integration With Biometrics Device?

Yes, we can integrate compatible biometrics device

How Do You Ensure Data Security In The System?

We take security seriously, thus we always make sure that only highly qualified people are collaborating in the development and implementation of our upgraded system while utilizing the latest technology tools and web frameworks

If you have other questions, you may also call our solution sales team at (0922) 884 6925 or email

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