The Benefits of HR and Payroll System During a Global Pandemic

by | Aug 12, 2021


The global pandemic has brought businesses and industries to a halt resulting in a huge percentage of job loss. Everyone was affected adversely by the pandemic regardless of the industry and size of the company. Since the intermittent lockdowns, the majority of the workforce had no choice but to work from home. As governments ease their border restrictions and acclimate to the “new normal”, organizations are transitioning back to on-site workforce arrangements. The government advises some business owners to have HR and Payroll systems online. Below here we discuss the benefits of HR and Payroll System.

The impact of the global pandemic has genuinely changed how we interact in the workplace. This is crucial for an organization to ensure that its work productivity is not compromised regardless of the situation. A successfully implemented and effectively utilized HR and payroll system has always added value to any company during disruptive situations. Traditional methods have become useless for some business practices. The pandemic has exposed the need to definitely go hi-tech. One of the most affected factors in terms of business is the HR and payroll software

Companies that have already shifted to an online payroll system have advantages, especially with the “new normal” setup. It is never too late to switch. Business owners should really take a deep look into the benefits of HR and payroll system.

Benefits of an HR and Payroll Software

Here are some of the benefits of HR and payroll software. It helped companies and the workforce navigate through this “new normal.”

Business Continuity.

An HR and payroll system in place has helped companies have one less item (or many items) to worry about. “Basic needs” such as Recruitment, Attendance Tracking, Payroll, and Benefits Management have been easier (if not as usual) to navigate and implement. HRIS integration with other company systems as needed can help in tracking and planning for costs and company profitability amidst this time.

Safety and Wellness.

With time such as this, HR and payroll system has been and can continue to be an extraordinary solution.  Whether it be accessibility from home, or continued learning and development, HR and payroll software allows companies to assure their employees that their safety and wellness, and that of their families, is of utmost importance.

Employee Engagement.

A one-stop-shop HRIS, HCM or HRMS means employees’ training and development, as well as other engagement activities never stop, just because everybody is working from home. If not yet existent, HRIS may be upgraded to include in-house training materials, links to a wide variety of developmental resources which employees may opt to take advantage of as scheduled during work hours or in their own free time. Talent and performance management is likewise continuous as all data continues to be online and accessible. HRIS can help appease employees’ any fear or apprehension over career delays or lack of growth during these trying times in all aspects and instead, communicate stability and hope.

All over the world, there are a lot of promising stories where companies and teams can learn from each other on how HR has already (some even early-on) stepped up to not only survive these times but more meaningfully, surpass and evolve competitively yet still compassionately. HR’s gift has always been to turn challenges into opportunities, to bring out the best in people. It has not changed despite the times where with the help of HRIS, HR can still help companies deliver the best and be the best – for their employees most of all.

In fact, the IATF encourages online payroll through the Philippine government advocated adopting an automated payroll software for both private and public companies.

The in-charge government agency has strongly encouraged companies to process their payroll via online methods. The strict enforcement of the Enhanced Community Quarantine reiterates the need to work or function via online means and rightfully so.

An online payroll system is now a necessity.

No company in the whole world is safe from a pandemic like this. It is safe to say that the COVID-19 effect will affect every company. The continuity plans of businesses will be heavily tested as countries still fight to flatten the curve. Businesses will need to learn to adapt to the changing needs. Companies must focus on the best interest of their employees wherever possible. Thus, payroll is one factor that should always be among the top priorities.

Now that you already know the benefits of HR and Payroll system, take action now for delayed or inconsistent payroll. With COVID-19 causing more and more uncertainty, now is the time to make changes and adapt. Companies need to look into an online payroll system as a necessity.

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