Top 7 Common Problems of Human Resources Department

by | Oct 29, 2021


No matter how effective human resources managers may operate, they are tasked with managing exactly that: humans.

Humans are prone to making mistakes and all manner of common HR problems can be expected, even at the highest level. Let’s look at some HR Problems that often occur.

Top 7 Common Problems of Human Resources Department
Top 7 Common Problems of Human Resources Department

Common HR Problems

1. Recruitment

Hiring new staff may be due to different reasons. It could be:

  • for expansion purposes
  • to provide additional options and expertise to the current team
  • because losses occurred via natural attrition

The HR department must find new staff members that suit the skills and capabilities needed for the available positions. It is equally important to manage and centralize the process (even with a third-party recruitment firm) to ensure that all records are stored for comparison and review.

Modern HR software can help streamline the process. It can store data and provide comparison tools for documents like job applications, résumés, and the contact details of potential candidates. They are more organized and easily retrievable. It is a better way to store relevant information that won’t take up space in the filing cabinet.

2. Staff Training

No matter how qualified a recent hire seems, there will almost always be some requirement for training. It should integrate the new hire into a company more seamlessly and with minimal delay.

Not every company in any given industry will operate in the same manner or with the same set of guiding principles. It’s only natural that there will be a learning curve, no matter how short.

This also applies to long-standing members of a workforce that may need to learn new or updated methods of completing particular tasks, whether for procedural upgrades, new software releases, and so on. Sometimes, the company may have also decided to incorporate new functions into its offered services.

It’s true that some of the responsibility does fall on the employee when it comes to staying abreast with industry standards, both in terms of practices and the tools available. Still, the HR department requires a comprehensive record of these updates for future reference.

Of course, using HR software makes the task easier. This should include registration information for exams of other instructional courses. When members of staff/departments are absent due to exams or courses (in-house or external), others need to know to cover work for them.

Included as well is the status of the induction training, which may be any of the following:

  • fire alarm training
  • first-aid training
  • refresher courses
  • courses that update internal procedures and the ability to use newly available tools

3. Productivity

Productivity must be a key area of focus for any company, particularly for any HR department. It ensures that an entity operates with maximum efficiency and maximum results.

A Time & Motion (T&M) study can determine which individuals and departments are achieving the most or least and why. The data received can be used to improve both working conditions and overall employee/department productivity. That will allow a more accurate and worthwhile investment of capital within the company.

Modern HR software platforms enable a company to share the results of a T&M study with senior management staff so they can analyze the data. These data can encourage collaboration and result further in the most educated and beneficial decisions to enhance productivity. To measure any improvements, data from previous studies should be compared with those from the most recent studies to more effectively monitor productivity.

4. Discipline

Discipline is a relatively touchy subject for most. It is difficult to find a resolution in a mutually beneficial manner between employer and employee. The process of evaluation ultimately leads to the employee being given legal and ethical disciplinary action.

A thorough record of the actions and communications of all employees is vital in providing sufficient sources or evidence should any disciplinary course of action is considered. For this to be done as smoothly and efficiently as possible, a basic integrated HR system should be allowed.

5. Retention

A company can only be as good as the people that it hires. It’s also as good as how it treats its employees to keep them motivated and productive. The HR management’s key responsibility is to bring in new faces that will enhance the talent pool and further the company’s gains.

However, this endeavor can be expensive and time-consuming. The true role of HR is to manage employees effectively whom they have already interviewed, vetted, hired, paid, and possibly even trained. It only makes sense that they should already be a good fit for the company’s needs.

Balancing personalities and incentives can be a veritable minefield for even the most accomplished HR personnel. Proper management results in a highly motivated workforce that works as a whole team. This can be a powerful tool to have at one’s disposal with the right management.

6. Payroll

HR and accounting departments are very often called upon when it comes to running payroll. So, the more people involved in it, the more potential HR problems to occur. These payroll problems may inevitably lead to a considerable disconnect between employer and employee. They can negatively affect morale and, possibly, productivity.

Dedicated payroll solutions in the form of either payroll outsourcing services or high-end payroll management software bring together all the parties involved to avoid common HR problems. It leads to a motivated and satisfied workforce.

Meanwhile, external payroll outsourcing services can allow both HR and accounting departments time to focus their attention elsewhere.

7. Health & Safety

Each company is responsible for maintaining a comprehensive record of the health and safety information of each employee. It is easier to meet moral and legal obligations. It is more effective and better appreciated by the workforce.

Again, a company’s primary tool is the comprehensive record of company protocols and health and safety requirements. Files include:

  • any documents issued to/received from staff members with regards to their own health and safety
  • any related courses presented to the staff

The recordkeeping allows quick and effective recall of relevant information should any health & safety concerns arise. This will both protect the company from any potential queries or disputes and bolster the employees’ trust that the company is truly looking out for them.

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